Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Themes and more Vision

Themes and Story Elements: Beauty, Seduction, Corruption, Insanity, Moral Dilemma, Empire Building, Manipulation, Intrigue, Skullduggery, Betrayal, Culture, Sophistication, Fear, Personal Horror, Enemies, Rivalries, Alliances, Exploration, Mystery, Occult, Subterfuge, Socio-Economic Conflict, Power Struggles, Tragedy, Revenge, Wit, Strategy, Social Climbing and Sensuality.

More Vision….
I wish to explore and expand upon other ways to create conflict in gaming. Since combat seems to be the primary source of conflict in many games out there I look forward to exploring different things. I naturally plan to place a great deal of emphasis on the Social warfare, but I would also like to explore economic warfare the ability to ruin ones enemies, spiritual warfare the struggle to hold onto ones soul, intellectual warfare the debate and rivalry of academic or artistic accomplishments. I guess I’m hoping for a more cerebral experience to gaming rather than the gratification of slaying every enemy I see with my sword. I want to approach conflict differently and hopefully make it just as interesting and dynamic as the conflict we get sometimes from a fight scene. 

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