Friday, April 29, 2011

Rules Document

I am nearly ready to post the proofed version of the basic rules. I will likely post them here on Sunday evening. I realized that I haven't posted for a while and its my goal to post at least once a week. I'll have to review the size of the document to see if I should include it as a simple post or make it a Google document that can be downloaded from the blog. I'm not particularly tech savvy so I'll do my best.  

I have been preparing my first play test which I hope to have underway by July. I am planning to do my first play test with a group of friends. I realize ideally play testing would be done by people who don't know me and that is definitely in the works. I have two groups who are going to start play testing this game in January of 2012. I will not be directly involved in either of these groups. My goal with play testing myself is to iron out any large problems before I send out the rules to others, I'd like to catch as many big or obvious problems so the other play test groups can focus more on fine details.

I have a number of friends who are very experienced in game design and development. Living in Seattle where a large number of games are produced and belonging to the table top gaming community, which is rather small, its unavoidable. Our community is small here and that has enabled me to bend the ear of one or two professionals. I certainly hope I haven't made a pest of myself, however they have been kind enough to humor me and offer support and guidance. An opportunity I greatly appreciate. 

I actually think I've procrastinated the play test part due to a couple of reasons. I'm nervous and don't have much in the way of confidence around my writing skills, thank god for editors... I know this game won't be everyones cup of tea, and that's okay, I just don't want my friends to feel obligated to like it because I wrote it, so there is a little fear for me in this regard. I just have to remember that I like what I have and I feel good about the setting. I also know that it has some problems but I'm starting to feel more confident these problems can be worked out through play testing.

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